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Environmental And Social Manager

True North
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Job Title: Environmental & Social Manager
Reports to: Directly to:
  Indirectly to: Project Manager
Job Purpose  
The role of the Environmental & Social Manager is to ensure the environmental performance of the organization through the development; implementation and monitoring of the environmental strategies, policies as well as programs that promote sustainable development.
Primary Responsibilities
·         Examining corporate activities to establish where improvements can be made and ensure compliance with environmental legislation across the organisation.

·         Reviewing the whole operation, carrying out environmental audits and assessments, identifying and resolving environmental problems and ensuring necessary changes are implemented.

·         Carrying out important staff training and ensure all members of the workforce recognise and understand their own contributions to improved environmental performance.

·         Developing and implementing environmental strategies and action plans that ensure corporate sustainable development

·         Taking the lead on sustainable procurement for all goods and services

·         Coordinating all aspects of pollution control, waste management, recycling, environmental health, conservation and renewable energy

·         Leading the implementation of environmental policies and practices

·         Ensuring compliance with environmental legislation and keeping up to date with Uganda and international regulation and legislation

·         Liaising with relevant bodies such as local authorities, public bodies and competent bodies

·         Auditing, analysing and reporting environmental performance to internal and external clients and regulatory bodies

·         Carrying out impact assessments to identify, assess and reduce an organisation’s environmental risks and financial costs

·         Promoting and raising awareness, at all levels of an organisation, of the impact of emerging environmental issues, whether

·         Legislative or best practice, on corporate, ethical and social responsibility

·         Developing and implementing environmental management systems to continually improve the impact of the organisation on the environment

·         Training staff at all levels in environmental issues and responsibilities

·         Participating in environmental education and research

·         Negotiating environmental service agreements and managing associated costs and revenues

·         Writing environmental reports, assuming the lead responsibility with the company

·         Being proactive about corporate social responsibility issues and taking action to ensure these are met

·         Setting organisational sustainability targets, and developing plans to meet those targets and oversee their delivery


Qualifications & Experience
  • Proven 5 years’ experience in environment and corporate social responsibility
  • Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences or Management,  bioscience, earth sciences, ecology, energy, environmental engineering, environmental health, engineering with a sustainability focus, or a related field.


Personal Attributes and skills
  • Ability to direct the work of others and make quick decisions
  • In-depth knowledge of environmental guidelines
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Able to analyze and solve problems
  • Good organizational skills
  • Great leadership skills
  • Discretion when dealing with confidential information
  • Professional and ethical with absolute honesty
  • Self-motivated and be able to motivate staff at all levels
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Optimistic with supportive attitude
  • stimulate and manage change
  • Innovation skills
  • Details oriented
  • Time management
  • Microsoft Office skills

Self-driven with a high sense of responsibility able to work under minimum supervision